Genre: Historical Crime Novel

Published: 2016 - Read:

March Violets

Philip Kerr ()



A detective with a difference! Set in Germany at the time of the rise of the Nazis, these novels are inventive and violent. Bernie Gunther, 'sardonic, tough-talking', takes his place alongside other perhaps better known hard-drinking, chain-smoking detectives with, if not a heart of gold, at least an acute sense of right and wrong...

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This is the first of 15 novels in the Bernie Gunther series by Philip Kerr - sadly he died in 2019 and so there will no more additions. Read more about the author.

'March Violets' was apparently a term used in Germany, after the rise of Hitler, to describe those who only came on board with the Nazis once their grip on the nation had been secured. So it is a derogatory term implying a lack of commitment when it really mattered. (Presumably most violets flower in February - or there are varieties which avoid the hardship of winter and appear when it is a bit milder in March?)

[The following appeared as a comment on earlier instagram posts. One on Travelling in the Third Reich.] I might add more later. Suffice it to say that I am aware there is a bit of Third Reich theme emerging here, but despite leaning slightly to right of center (and being a fan of Jordan Peterson), I'd like to reassure everybody that I am not a Nazi! (Neither is Prof Peterson, as far as I can tell!). This disclaimer might, of course, only increase some people's suspicions - but I can't do much about that!!!